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Koi Angelfish

The Gold Marble Blushing Angelfish is probably best known as a “Koi.” Genetically it is a Gold Marble that has no stripes.

Koi Angelfish.com is a Colorado tropical fish hatchery that focuses on bringing the best Orange Koi Angelfish to the hobby. We sell the majority of our Koi Angelfish to Colorado fish stores but we save our best stock for private sale. Check out the Koi Angelfish we have for sale .

Koi Angelfish get their name from the koi carp, a popular fish that is orange, white, and black. Just like the koi carp, Koi Angelfish come in many varieties.

Most common is the Orange Koi Angelfish. The Orange Koi Angelfish has a white body with black spots and an orange head or "crown" The amount of orange and black can be anywhere from very little up to almost 100% of the body being covered. 

Another common strain is the Panda Koi Angelfish this strain has been breed to have as little orange on the body as possible leaving just the black and white hence the name Panda Koi Angelfish.

There are lots of other varieties of Koi Angelfish such as the Blue Koi Angelfish, Black Koi Angelfish, Star Burst Koi Angelfish, Yellow Koi Angelfish, and many more.

Koi Angelfish.com is here to bring the best quality of Koi Angelfish to the hobby, we are currently only working on the Orange Koi Angelfish and Panda Koi Angelfish strains at our Colorado hatchery but if there is something else you want we know how to get it for you. 

Here is an examples of what a high coverage Orange Koi Angelfish and Panda Koi Angelfish can look like.

Orange Koi Angelfish and Panda Koi Angelfish

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