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Koi Angelfish have a very complex color. It can fade or go away completely when stressed. If lost the color will not return. The orange in a koi usualy gets more intense the older they are. The percentage of orange and black coverage also goes down as they get older. Think of it like drawing on a balloon and then filling it up with air. The amout of color stays the same but the percentage of coverage goes down.

Foods that have carotenoids are very important if you want your Koi Angelfish to exibit their orange genes to their fullist. Carotenoids are organic pigments tht are naturally found in some plants and algae. Carotenoids lacking the oxygen molecule otherwise known as carotenes are responsible for the orange color of carrots, the orange leafs in the Fall and even the yellow color of butter.

Knowing this we have created our own blend of fish foods!

Our Premium Angelfish Blend for daily use.



 Carotene Plus for extra color 4 times a week.





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